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Yi of exert of CEO of 100 things coke: Self-confidence achieves a miracle
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Before before long, female of the first place on histories of 100 thing coke company is presiding apparitor Yingdela Nuyi, attend science of Chinese Academy of Sciences and humanitarian forum to Beijing. During, the students of she and Chinese Academy of Sciences mention the preparation that makes CEO should be done in university campus. Exert Yi expresses, should become the most marvellous, need to give very great effort. And as leader, must want to have very great communication skill, hold to indispensable consistency. Besides, ought to have courage, "If do not have courage, you do not have self-confidence, serve as a leader to must want to have sufficient courage. Serve as a leader to must want to have sufficient courage..

Actually, yingdela Nuyi just began to steer a boat in October 2006 100 thing coke companies of American. After all this legend female, why can you make the world 500 strong in the female CEO of can be counted on one's fingers?

Battle achievement is illustrious

Yingdela Nuyi is born in a middle class family of Nai of morning of Indian south city. 1976, she in Madelasi church institute obtains maths, chemistry and physics bachelor's degree hind, the Indian commerce institute that enters one of two business schools with only at that time India learns MBA course, assume office to be in at giving birth to a company by force after graduation Indian branch.

Before long, a advertisement of Yale government institute drew the look of exert Yi, after offerring application, very fast she was admitted, head for American attend school from this. After the Yale obtains management to learn master's degree, the hold post after exert Yi Xian seeks advice at Boston, many transnational corporation such as Motolora, ABB.

1994, exert Yi joins in 100 troubles firm. In 12 years when struggle in 100 things, her expression can be used " battle achievement is illustrious " will describe. Exert Yi holds a post in strategic plan and development department old, direct of presiding to becoming 100 issues later apparitor collect Jay Enlike is responsible, each when enlist a company major strategy is decision-making. The 100 matters at that time are lying crucial transition period. And one of crucial figures that exert Yi is success of facilitating company transition, she advocates the company should throw the chain restaurant business that supports hard adamantinely, advantage of structure of better play product, the market management key is put in core brand respect. 100 responsibilities assume when of presiding apparitor collect Jay Enlike is not agreed with to this at first, but still was persuaded finally. In October 1997, 100 things make major strategy adjust, will have surely win the dining-room of guest, Kendeji and TacoBell goes out from company depart, those who make appear on the market into what become independent for company -- , 100 surpass global company.
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