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Taiwan prices appears to go up together phenomenon
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Nearly a few months come, the phenomenon that Taiwan prices appears to go up apparently together, rise in price the most remarkable include benzine, derv, breast to make raw material of kind of food, flour, food wait. Taiwan " foresight " the newest investigation of the magazine shows, have be as high as 81. Of 6 % suffer visit the people to think, this one prices rises to already affected their daily life, think " the impact is very big " have 38. 1 % .

Since 2 days, taiwan " in oily " raise gas price again go up 1 . 3 yuan (new station money, similarly hereinafter) . " foresight " investigation also discovers, have 46 % suffer the person that visit to express to already drove because of oil price rises and decreasing, change bus or orbit vehicle.

Liang Guoyuan of dean of academy of Bao Hua economic integration expresses Taiwan, prices rises successively, but Taiwan economy environment does not have big improvement again, include level of obtain employment rate, pay and macroeconomic increase rate to did not reach satisfactory level, this lets the people be experienced " everythings on earth goes up together, it is pay does not go up " mood.

If want to maintain existing life to consume a habit, how many pay to can Taiwan people jump every months because of prices each and raise? " foresight " investigation shows, of 29 % suffer the person that visit to think to want to increase 1001 yuan to reach 3000 yuan, 20. Of 8 % suffer the person that visit to think to want to increase 3001 yuan to reach 5000 yuan, the person that think every months to want to increase 5000 yuan of above also has 13. 7 % .

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