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Hunan: Bu thinks of price of tomato of? of land of Gan of Zou Jin felt to drop t
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Center of information of Hunan Province price monitors a result to show yesterday: Price of live pig of Hunan Province of the last ten-day of a month will continue in September fall after a rise, price of fish of fleshy birds egg is slow drop, price of vegetable, fruit falls generally, case of edible oil price fluctuates somewhat, fuel price firm syncopation has glide.

Fresh pork of complete province market, supermarket (lean lean of essence of life) average price is respectively 12. 500 grams of 35 yuan of / , 13. 500 grams of 10 yuan of / , drop respectively 0. 88 % , 1. 28 % . Value of market of egg, hairtail, grass carp drops respectively 0. 23 % , 0. 13 % , 1. 90 % . Price of supermarket of Chinese cabbage, cucumber, aubergine, tomato, green pepper drops respectively 0. 70 % , 0. 71 % , 2. 70 % , 4. 17 % , 2. 39 % .

Turn as weather cool, autumn vegetable begins to appear on the market in succession, market supply is added gradually much, later period is vegetable price general steadily fall after a rise.

As a result of reduction in production of domestic international soybean, add price of early days rape oil to rise continuously, price of near future soya-bean oil shows perch to involve litre of situation, but go up not quite, prices tends stable.

Achieve continuously as a result of international oil price new tall, make the liquefied petroleum gas makes gas cost increase, because of me the province implements price of guidance of liquid gas government strictly, raw material rises brought cost pressure was not reflected apparently on market sale price, average price compares liquid gas the middle ten days of a month will glide in September 0. 16 % . Weather turns cool, the summit that use gas is imminent, liquefaction of later period dweller lights gas price to go up pressure is greater.

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