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The time-interval of breakfast and lunch should is 4 to 5 hours
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Some people breakfast eats early, it is to be being driven on one hand go going to school, go to work, on the other hand, the person habit with old age rises early morning is experienced, the time nature that have breakfast also arrived ahead of schedule in the morning 56 o'clocks, actually such not good. Research shows, breakfast eats prematurely, go against intestines and stomach to digest instead absorb.

Medical expert points out, in nightly Morpheus process, major organ got human body rest adequately, alone peptic still is in digest absorb dinner to put the food that leaves in gastric bowel path, just enter truly to before dawn rest condition. If breakfast eats prematurely, meet those who affect gastric bowel line rest, make digestion is in the condition of fatigue accept a challenge for a long time, the peristaltic rhythm of disturbed stomach bowel.

Especially old people, the assimilation of stomach, bowel, pancreas is enzymatic secrete decrease, digest absorb reach metabolization function to drop, if rise,get early, have the habit with experienced morning again, after getting up, have breakfast immediately, will naturally affect gastric bowel function, also drill to morning at the same time adverse. So when should the time that have breakfast be best?

Generally speaking, the time-interval of breakfast and lunch should be 4 ~ 5 hours, the time that has breakfast so is in should be in in the morning at 7 o'clock ~ between 8 o'clock had better, because at this moment the person's appetite is the most exuberant. Additional, if breakfast time is premature, meat should be added between breakfast and lunch so or lunch shifts to an earlier date accordingly, broke the habits and customs of people and law so, also do not have advantage to human body health.

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